As summer sets in and the temperature outside starts climbing, an efficiently working car air conditioning can make the difference between an enjoyable drive and a sweltering nightmare. While it may seem like there’s nothing much to be done as far as air conditioning service is concerned, the fact is regular air conditioning maintenance lowers the risk of premature compressor failure.

A car air conditioning system can lose up to 15% of its gas coolant every 12 months. If you do not recharge the coolant regularly, the air conditioner will not work as efficiently as it should to cool down the temperature inside the vehicle. And when the air conditioner has to work harder, it means the vehicle’s engine also has to work harder, which in turn means higher fuel consumption.

The recommended recharge schedule is once a year. When you bring your vehicle to Orleans AutoPro for an air conditioning service and inspection, our experienced professionals will first test the air-con system for refrigerant leaks and other aberrations before topping up the system refrigerant and lubrication to the recommended levels. Getting your air-conditioning system inspected and serviced regularly will help identify and treat problems in the early stages, lowering potential costs and inconveniences to you during the summer months.

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