Brake System Flush

The brake system in your vehicle consists of several components that work together to bring it to a stop when you press down on the brake pads. Every single component within this system is equally important. One weak element can cause the others to malfunction, leading to unsafe braking.  A properly maintained brake system is critical to proper brake performance.

One of the key components in the brake system is the brake fluid. This fluid helps transfer the pressure of your foot on the pedal to hydraulic pressure, which is used to compress the brake components and bring the vehicle to a stop. The brake fluid also helps to keep the other internal elements within the brake system lubricated and protected from corrosion. As you can see, there’s a lot riding on the brake fluid.

Over time, the brake fluid gets contaminated due extreme pressure and heat and also exposure to moisture. Brake fluid is hydroscopic and absorbs moisture. Not only does this moisture corrode and damage other expensive parts but it also causes the brake fluid to boil at a lower temperature, impairing the braking ability.  Dirty brake fluid can also cause damage to the hydraulic components of the braking system.

How A Brake System Flush Helps

Getting a timely brake system flush done, benefits your vehicle several ways:
Removes corrosive materials from the brake system
Helps eliminate squealing and leakage
Keeps your car’s brake system in peak operating condition
It is much cheaper to change the fluid as compared to the much higher price of replacing other expensive parts that are damaged

Failure to get a brake system flush done within the recommended schedule puts your vehicle at higher risk for the following:

Failure of the ABC control assemblies
Caliper piston failure
Premature wear of the brake pads
Rotor damage due to overheating
Failure of the master cylinders
Dangerous increase in the stopping distance

 What’s included in a brake system flush at Orleans AutoPro

We recommend that you get a brake system flush done every 50,000 kilometres or every 2 years.
When you bring your vehicle to us for a brake system flush, here are the details of what is included:
Road test to evaluate system performance
Complete system flush of old brake fluid
Replenishing with fresh brake fluid
Thorough inspection of the brake system

Comprehensive assessment of the braking system according to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations by our experienced technicians.

This preventative maintenance service will help extend the life of crucial components, providing you with optimum braking, reliability and safety for longer. When it comes to brake system flush, Orleans AutoPro offers you quick servicing and value pricing so you can get back on the road quickly, safely and at a great price too. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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