Cabin Filter

Most vehicles are fitted with a cabin filter through which outside air passes before it enters the cabin. These filters catch the airborne dirt, dust, pollen, allergens and other impurities as they pass through, so that the air that enters the cabin is filtered and clean. Goes without saying, that as the grime accumulates, the filters become progressively less efficient and that compromises the quality of the air and the health of the occupants. In fact, a clogged cabin filter can also reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning and heater.  The only way to ensure that only pure air is emitted into the cabin is to get the cabin air filter cleaned regularly and depending on the amount you drive and the conditions that you drive through, we recommend that you should replace your vehicle’s cabin air filter every 24,000 to 48,000 kilometers.
Did you know that cabin air filter services on some vehicles can take about 10 to 15 minutes? Don’t risk the health of your family. Bring your car over to one of locations and we’ll do a quick inspection of the cabin air filters and determine if they need to be replaced. Within 15 minutes, you could be off on your way again!

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