At Orleans Autopro we carry a full line of tires and rims. Being a Prestige Tire Dealer, we offer a variety of sizes, including winter and all season tires and rims. Our local warehouse has over 200,000 tires in stock to better serve our clients. Our service advisors are extremely knowledgeable and will help you find the right tires and rims for your vehicle. We pride ourself in offering expertise based on experience. With 30 plus years of combined experience with an incredible amount of personal trial. Our advisors will recommend based on customer feedback, personal experiences including real life facts. We do not base our recomendations on marketing stats, solely manufacturer information or incentive sales. Granted, the information provided by the manufacturer is important to us, we still prefer  a holistic approach to recommendations. Bottom line, we recommend what we use.

Don’t forget to consider  for your winter set of tires and rims. They make tire rotation simple and more cost-effective over the lifetime of your vehicle.

We carry a multitude of brands. In fact, we have tried most of them personally, if we haven’t… we will.  Generally there is 3 categories of tires and rims in the automotive industry.

  1. Passenger
  2. Light Truck
  3. Off-Road


Many of the tires manufacturers will provide choices within these three categories. It is always recommended to use the original equipment tire size and rating


GT Radial
and much more…



We will be adding newsand articles about tires and rims. It is always better to get information directly from the professionals. With that said, please navigate the internet carefully. We have seen a lot of wrong information coming from people claiming to be experts. Some are, most are not. The information provided is based off our knowledge and training.  Please contact us with any questions and we will make a reasonable effort to answer you daily.

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