Starting with the invention of the pneumatic tire in 1888, Dunlop’s history is rich with game-changing innovations that have transformed the driving experience for anyone on the road. With their impressive inventions and motorsport track records, it comes as no surprise that this is the tire of choice of racing legends around the world. A British tire company, Dunlop has earned itself a reputation as a world leader in manufacturing premium ultra high-performance motorcycle and car tires. Most of the tires for UK motorsport are supplied by Dunlop out of its bespoke motorsport manufacturing plant located in Birmingham, UK.

From the time of its launch, the company’s objective has always been to continuously work on and improve their products to enhance the performance of the vehicles and the driving experience of the drivers. In seeking this goal Dunlop has ensured that they will always continue to enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Many of the most prestigious car makers around the world fit Dunlop tyres as standard.

Dunlop’s ‘Touch Technology’ is a reflection of the company’s product development approach – to offer tyres that offer drivers an enhanced feel of the road and to be more in control of the drive, increasing the fun factor as well as the safety factor.

Dunlop offers a range of more than 130 different commercial tyres suitable for coaches and buses as well as heavy trucks.

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