Our warranty provides 12 months or 20,000 km of trouble-free protection on eligible work or repairs, no matter where you travel in North America. Your guarantee is recognized in nearly 600 NAPA Autopro in Canada and 13,000 NAPA AUTOCARE spread across the continent. This is an unparalleled coverage.

The minute a car leaves the assembly line it’s covered by warranties, each one insuring the reliability of the vehicle. Often times, there is warranty over and above the factory and/or parts & labor warranty. As well, when you replace parts on your vehicle, they will have individual warranties that replace the original parts’ warranties, and each set of conditions and related coverage can vary greatly.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us if you are concerned about your coverage, unsure of what is or is not covered, or are looking for extended warranties and wish to compare our extended warranties with any others you are being offered. We’re happy to walk you through the various warranties with your car.

A NAPA AUTOPRO service center we also provide and service cars covered by NAPA’s Warranties. For further information, check out:

If you are within 40 km from Orleans Autopro, visit our shop. If you are over 40 km from Orleans Autopro, go to the nearest NAPA AutoPro and submit a copy of the repair to the retailer (you may be entitled to certain benefits in terms of towing or car rental).
In the event you do not know the location of the local NAPA AutoPro or NAPA AutoCare Center, Call 1 866 438-6272 from 8 hr to 20 hr (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday or 8 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday, except holidays. You can also find a location near you by using the site www.napaautopro.com. Simply register your present location and you will be able to get directions to the nearest NAPA service center.

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