Car Care ?… Your vehicle is generally a big investment. Unlike many invesments, your vehicle will likely depreciate. That is why you want it to last as long possible by performing car care practices. By staying in your vehicle longer (providing it is well maintained), it will allow you to invest in appreciating investments. Sounds complicated? It’s not! Simply put, the longer you drive your car without the 6000.00$ year car payments, the more money you will save.

Car care in essence is performing maintenance. Orleans AutoPro is committed to saving you time & money.  We will work with you throughout the life of your car to recommend the best course of action for your car. Even after your car’s original warranty has ended regular maintenance is still important to maintain its healthy state (there is a reason warranties come with maintenance requirements: because they work at keeping your car healthy).

Looking for advice on common car maintenance recommendations? Check out our Advice pages. For our recommended service plans look under Maintenance Services. We provide a multitude of maintenance services to help you keep your car young a long time and its all covered by our industry-leading 12 Month / 20,000 Km Peace of Mind Warranty.

Be Car Care Aware is an association that is educating our clients and the entire driving public about car care. Taking an active role in maintaining your vehicle is the best way to avoid costly repairs down the road. We invite you to look over their site as it has many great tips on car care information. Most of all it is written in an understandable format. You get the technical information in an understanding way of reading it.

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