Wheel Alignment Services

Do you remember when was the last time you got your wheel alignment done?

Wheel alignment is one aspect of car care that most people tend to overlook. After all, you drive carefully and that too on city roads, so your wheels must be aligned, right?


You’d be surprised to know that it does not take a lot to knock your wheel alignment out of kilter. That untimely fender-bender you were in last week or that pothole you hit while driving fast may not have caused any major visible damage to your vehicle but they could be enough to necessitate wheel alignment services. Over time, regular wear and tear can also cause the suspension to flex.

Why Bother With Wheel Alignment Services?

Your car is handling fine. Do you really need to take your car in for wheel alignment services?

Yes, you do and here’s why:

  • It keeps you safe: When your wheels are not aligned, they can cause your vehicle to pull towards the right or left. It may be subtle enough for you to dismiss it but the fact is, over time it can undermine your handling and control of the vehicle, compromising your safety in tight situations.


  • It makes driving easier on long drives: Tugging at your steering wheel trying to keep your vehicle straight can turn a fun drive into a complete nightmare. Why struggle when all it takes is to get the wheels aligned?


  • You save money: Regular alignment helps extend the life of your tires. Most people hesitate to take their car in for wheel alignment services because, well, they’d rather use the money for something else. However, the fact is it could cost you more in the end as it shortens the life of your tires and you will need to get them replaced sooner. Tires on aligned vehicles wear out more evenly and last longer, give you more value for your money on every set you purchase.


Don’t take a chance with your wheel alignment. Make an appointment with Orleans Autopro today and we’ll keep you driving safely and comfortably, whether you are navigating tight traffic on the busy downtown streets or you are cruising along on one of Canada’s many highways.  We first do a thorough assessment of your suspension components and the condition of your steering. Our computerized wheel alignment service ensures that your steering wheel is centered and all four wheels of your vehicle are parallel and sitting flat on the road.

Don’t wait till you have a problem to get your vehicle’s alignment checked. At Orleans Autopro we suggest that you get it done after every — kms of driving (or whatever the recommended period is)

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