Auto Service and Repair with Women in mind!

Bad Car Day?


At Orleans AutoPro, we realised that women have generally been apprehensive about dealing with their auto repair service provider. We know that this has been a concern for women across the country for some time now. Because Orleans AutoPro believes in integrity, honesty and excellence in service, we have decided to create a program designed with the women driver in mind.

To start, Orleans AutoPro strives at catering to women because women generally are much more holistic in their approach. We truly enjoy dealing with you because you actually listen to the advice being presented. Most men, in their infinite wisdom tend to think they know everything and will generally pretend they know what we are explaining. This causes many disconnects of conversation about why certain services should be performed. Eventually this leads to vehicle failure and the cycle of conversation will start all over again. Bottom line, men tend to wait until things break.

Women on the other hand, are much more open mindeiStock_000019080511XSmalld, inquisive and strive at knowing the details of why services are recommended. Because you want to know, this allows us to explain the services and will generally lead to better vehicle maintenance. Because 70% of our clientel are women, we have found it increasingly easier to explain and use terms that are not technical in nature. We will explain in a fashion that you will understand and appreciate. Simply put, you maintain your car better then men. In fact, you will have a much lower operating cost of ownership than your gender counterpart.

Altough this program is available to all our clients, it is actually tailored to the female driving public. First, we start by our commitment to our clients… Our mission statement which reverberates through the entire company. We listen to what you have to say. It is very important to listen because most of the information you will share will be crucial to the diagnosis and/or delivery of your required services. After documenting everything in our system, we will consult with our techinicians on the proper course of action. Only the technician is able to recommend services as the service consultants are not the trained experts. Once our technicians inspect, diagnose and/or perform the authorized service, the service consultant will put an estimate together considering quality, price and availability.

Never will we perform any additional work without a conversation with you. In fact we guaranty we won’t. Our job if to identify services before the components fail completely. By doing so, we can predict what costs will be incurred at future services (if any). We inform and educate you by recommending a course of action, a recommended timeline for that service to be performed and ultimately you have the final say. We do not sell you anything!!!

Once the mechanical services are complete, your vehicle will get what we call Concierge Services“. This service is exclusive to Orleans Autopro clients and includes an exterior hand wash, interior detailing of front area, cleaning of the dashboard, door jambs and finally courteously parked “Valet Service” at the front door for easy driving out. As you enter your freshly cleaned vehicle, you will spoiled with a lovely chocolate (Lindor) to wrap up your experience with us. We understand that the rear compartment detailing would be a nice additional touch but unfortunately, the cost of providing such service would likely cause an increase in our shop rates. We want to be competitive and create as much value as we can.

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