The average household spends approximately 35.71% of their net income on their vehicles (the average household according to Lloyd Robertson of CTV). We’re committed to reducing the amount you spend on your vehicle by 18%. Through our customer service and maintenance program, we can achieve this by keeping our clients in their vehicle for an extended period and while it is as reliable as when new.



Trust us to monitor and re-assure you about your car (trust is everything between you and your car…if you can’t trust your car who can you trust?). Whether you are about to head out on a road trip (family vacation to Florida) or just heading into the winter commuting season, rest easy that you’ve done right by your car with Orleans AutoPro.
Check out regular “check-ups”:

Seasonal Maintenance Service Plans

  • Winter Service
  • Spring Service
  • Summer Service

KM-based Maintenance Service Plans

  • 6,000 KM Maintenance Service
  • 24,000 KM Annual Maintenance Service
  • 48,000 KM Plus Service
  • 96,000 KM Supreme Service

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