Established in Japan in 1945, Toyo has over the years earned a reputation as a world leader in the development of advanced technology when it comes to tire designing and manufacturing.

Toyo manufactures high quality tires at very competitive prices. Their line includes a wide range of tires from medium truck tires and broad-line passenger tires to off-road and light truck tires, ultra-high performance street tires and racing tires.

If there is one defining characteristic of this reputable tire manufacturer, it is their dedication to proving their racing tires in competition. The company has been closely involved in motorsport since the 1980s and can be seen at almost any kind of motor sports event all over the world.

Despite the rapidly changing standards in the world of motorsports, Toyo has unfailingly maintained its leadership, consistently producing tire designs that deliver championship performances. This is in keeping with the company’s strict focus on quality, innovation, customer service and performance. It’s no wonder that Toyo remains the preferred choice for all types of drivers, from city drivers to offer roaders and motor sports competitors.

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