A little about Orleans Autopro Competitors.

Dealerships provide services to help the consumer maintain their vehicle in the interest of getting the vehicle to last just past the warranty period. Remember, the Dealerships #1 client is the manufacturer. They are in the business of selling cars, not keeping you into yours for 15 years. At most dealerships (generalizing here), minimal servicing is performed unless it’s safety related or you have a direct concern with the vehicle. Once the warranty is over,and you are paying full price… “Surprise… 3000km ago while under warranty your car was fine, but now it needs 1300$ of repairs but unfortunately it’s no longer under warranty…” Has this happened to you before?  Although many dealerships fall under this umbrella, some dealers really try to take care of their customers. Please keep in mind that these situation have come to our attention from personal experiences and the experiences of many of our clients. Orleans Autopro works very closely with dealerships. In fact we have created very good relationships with them which allows us to better serve our clients.

Independants (not dealerships or Orleans Autopro ), generally provide good service in hopes that you, the customer will return and continue using their services. The core reason, it’s looking after their customers from the breakdown standpoint. Fix the vehicle when it breaks and get the customer back on the road. They simply wait for you to breakdown and hope their service was sufficient to get you to return. In that process, you are no longer in control of your time and/or money. Think about it… You need your car!!!. Understand that even the best vehicles will breakdown occasionally. For the most part, vehicles simply don’t breakdown without some indication of failure. A good repair shop that performs regular maintenance would likely identify failing components long before they break and leave you stuck on the side of the road.

Now Orleans Autopro!

As for us, you need to know that our only goal is to save our clients TIME and MONEY while assuring piece of mind. Nothing more, nothing less. We provide maintenance inspections on every vehicle, every time. This allows us to identify potential component failures long before they fail. This allows us to give you a estimate of upcoming expenses months ahead of the time thus keeping you in control of your time and money. Imagine knowing what your going to spend 1 year ahead of time. But most of all, knowing exactly what will be getting done in 1 year from now. Can you see…. now you can budget for the reapirs long before they happen. No more “Surprise!!! the invoice is…”

Your car may still be under warranty. Great, at Orleans Autopro we loves to spend the manufacturers money. In fact, we’ll even take your car to the dealership for you while you drive our complimentary courtesy vehicle. We will give you an appoinment for your next service and remind you 5 days in advance of the appoinment so you can adjust it to your schedule. We will confirm with you the appoinment the day before and see if you need a courtesy vehicle. In fact, see our Mission Statement as this  is our unconditional promise to our clients.

We are the experts and our clients shouldn’t have to manage their vehicles maintenance. We give you a chance to spend more time with your family and friends, not waiting for towing on the side of the road. We allow you to plan and budget your vehicle’s maintenance expenses months ahead.  Imagine knowing what the next maintenance service cost will be, taxes included…  And no more “Oh yeah, that price was plus taxes. Sorry Sir/Mme”. This is the entire focus of the team at Orleans Autopro. Through our Mission Statement we want our clients to enjoy driving without worrying about the reliabilty and condition of their vehicle. With Orleans Autopro, you will be in control every step of the way.

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